5 Signs You Should Move an Employee Into Management

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Moving an employee into a management position is no small thing. Sometimes it is done out of desperation/a lack of personnel. In these cases, company leaders will often find the most suitable candidate and groom him or her to move up the corporate ladder. Other times, an employee is perfectly suited to work in management and is promoted despite the fact that there is no great need for a new manager.

Is your company in dire need of another manager? Or, do you simply feel it is time to promote a deserving employee? Since it can be very expensive to promote the wrong person, find out first if the candidate is ready for such a transition.

5 Signs You Should Move an Employee Into Management

Not all employees are management material. However, many are. Those who would make good managers, either immediately or after some training, are often…


  • Bold – People who ask for a promotion are direct, bold, and self-aware – all characteristics of an effective leader. These individuals want to take on additional responsibilities. Consider developing these employees toward management.


  • Natural leaders – Some leaders are born; others are made. Surely you’ve taken note of the individuals who naturally assume responsibilities beyond their own and champion others to success. These workers probably also know how to commit long-term, delegate, and communicate well. Keep your eye on these people — they flourish when given more room to lead.


  • Deserving of a promotion – Let’s face it – some employees have “paid their dues” at your company, and others haven’t. When employees slack off, it’s not lost on you. Neither is the hard work and long hours put in by workers who deserve a promotion. These individuals may be the easiest to move into management positions.


  • Helpful – Great leaders are great helpers. They are aware of others’ needs, not just their own. Joshua Lee, StandOut Authority, said, “When I see team members going to a certain person with questions, that’s a clue. When that person has the answer or promises to seek out and deliver the answer, they’re on my radar for moving up into management.” Who in your company’s workforce fits this description?


  • Good at their job – Before employees are promoted, they should ideally master their own job duties to the point where it would be easy for them to train new hires. You are no doubt aware of those workers who are flat out good at what they do. They may be excellent additions to your company’s management team.


Do any of your employees display one or more of these signs? If so, it may be time to talk with them about stepping into a management role.



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