3 Signs That You’re Ready for a Career Change

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After your alarm clock rings in the morning, what is the first feeling that hits the pit of your stomach? Is it contentedness, happiness or a similar emotion? Or, is it dread aimed at the workday ahead? If the latter, you are in the company of about 7 percent of Canadians who say they dislike or hate their job.

Why is it that some people are dissatisfied with their career? Since we all spend a sizeable portion of our time in the office, or wherever it is we do business, we might as well love what we do. To waste your life in a work situation that you dread or even hate is madness.

If you dislike your job, you may want to consider a career change. Notice we said career change; this is different than a job change. Sure, you can get another job, perhaps one similar to your current job. However, if you truly dislike the field you are in, it would be smart to think about entering an entirely new profession.

Our minds crave variety. This is why some people who have achieved maximum success in one profession suddenly decide to reinvent themselves and enter a new field. They are not crazy – they are human!

Are you ready to not just get a new job, but a new career? Here are 3 signs that indicate you are indeed ready for such a change:


  1. You have negative feelings about your current profession — Do you work in customer service although you dread dealing with people? Do you primarily perform administrative work even though you detest it? If so, you’re ready to try something new. Remember, life is way too short to consistently feel negatively about your profession.


  1. You regularly research other professions – If you find yourself researching other professions, you might be ready for a career change. Maybe you’ve always wanted to be a massage therapist but have traditionally had an office job. Or, perhaps you are a teacher who would really like to become a children’s librarian. If this sounds like you, take your research a step further by asking those in your desired field if you can shadow them for a day. Take the necessary measures to determine whether or not you’d truly be fulfilled in the job you dream about.


  1. You don’t see a future in your current profession – If you want to find out if you are REALLY ready for a career change, give the following exercise a try. First, close your eyes and quiet your mind. Next, imagine yourself 5 years down the road in the job you currently have or within the same field. In your vision, have you advanced in your career? Are you happy? Are you glad you stuck it out with your current employer or industry, or are you kicking yourself for not making a career transition? If you don’t see a happy future in your current profession, move on to something fresh, new and full of promise.


It’s time to ask yourself the sobering question, “Am I truly ready for a career change?” If you know in your soul that the answer is “yes,” don’t waste another moment mulling things over in your mind. Get in touch with a job coach or a career recruiter and start making things happen! This time next year you’ll be SO glad you did.


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